View Full Version : ReQuest video quality??

01-28-2009, 02:17 AM
So I finally got my new music server, N1.400. (client backed out, and the company gave me a deal...)

I have the component video working fine, but it appears limited to 480i...

I tried the DVI output, direct to my TV...and it's incompatible (2005 Mitsubishi) resolution is good, but the refresh rate is all wrong, and the image flickers...A LOT!

I also tried the VGA output direct to the TV...also incompatible, my test monitor tells me it is seeing a 1152 x 854 ...which is not kosher with the Mits...

I've done all the firmware updates that it will let me do ( but I still don't have the new HD GUI, nor can I find a way to force the update to get it.

And the website is just this side of useless, when looking for tech info.

Is there anyway to change the output resolution on this thing?