View Full Version : Sony's Japan plants coming back on line.

04-08-2011, 11:09 PM
From the Dealerscope article (http://www.dealerscope.com/article/sony-bringing-some-japan-plants-back-online/1?sponsor=newsletter/today#utm_source=today&utm_medium=enewsletter_continue&utm_campaign=2011-04-08)...

Sony said Thursday that it had reopened all but two factories damaged by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last month.

This is up from the 10 plants which had activity suspended on March 11, although Sony has had to adjust production schedules. However, supply problems remain an issue for the company.

The Motomiya Plant in Fukushima Prefecture is scheduled to reopen towards the end of this month, while the Tagajyo Plant in Miyagi Prefecture, which manufactures Magnetic tapes and Blu-ray discs is "currently undergoing cleaning and damage inspection," and new reopening date has been announced.

"Sony will continue to monitor the availability of raw materials and components, and endeavor to maintain supplies of any products affected by these adjustments by relying on existing inventory to the extent available," the company said in a statement.

"The Company also plans to take further measures as necessary, including reallocating available materials and components among Sony Group companies, using alternative components and expanding procurement channels in order to restore full production capacity as early as possible."