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07-30-2014, 03:48 PM

A guest post from Rob Gerhardt.

Five years ago, while working on a project for Lutron, we became aware of a looming opportunity for

the residential systems integrator to actually build a future that could be quantified.

During these discussions, we will learn about a true Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) opportunity that

is uniquely promising for our industry.

It has never been a secret that the contracting model builds no value to look forward to at the end

of your business career. It has nothing to do with how smart you are or how hard you work, it has

everything to do with the model itself. You can make money and a pretty good living during the good

times. But, unless you invest that money into something else, you will have nothing to show for it when

it matters most.

Now, that does not have to be the case. Now, there is an opportunity that requires the skills and

characteristics that many of you possess.

This opportunity is developing in what will apparently be termed, “the Connected Home”, and is being

heavily promoted by almost all of the cable companies (Comcast Xfinity Home, Time Warner Intelligent

Home, Cox Home Control, etc.), AT&T (Digital Life), and ADT Pulse.

Additionally, the do it yourself market is being assaulted by offerings from Nest, Staples, Home Depot

(Wink), Lowes (Iris), and Comcast. If you go to this link: http://connecteam.support/Cox/Cox.html , you

will see where Cox cable is claiming they can turn on the mood music when you enter the room.

The simple fact is that the cable and phone companies are making claims they cannot support while

they continue to appear in the “most hated companies” in America, and for good reason.

More about that later; for now, we need to celebrate that these global corporations are creating

a mainstream awareness that none of us, or any association, or any manufacturer could do. That

awareness creates a niche that allows you to actually “Design a Future”.

For the independent dealer, there are a variety of platforms, the best are:

• Alarm.com

• Honeywell “Total Connect”

• iControl via Telguard

Of those, our favorite is Alarm.com because it offers true energy management and wellness systems as

it develops the most aggressive suite of “Connected Home” offerings.

The hardware and the platform are secondary to the actual opportunity.

In order to consider the opportunity, you would have to answer yes to these questions:

• When I am selling, do the potential clients ask if I can do security?

• If I were to say yes, would I get the security system as well as my primary offerings?

• Could I do a better job than the security or Cable Company?

If the answer to all three is “Yes”, keep reading.

Because these service providers spend millions of dollars educating our neighbors as to what can be

done for an introductory price and a high monthly amount, they are creating an opportunity for you that

you could never have created on your own.

Many of us have seen the AT&T “Cabin –did you leave the house in good shape” 30 second summary of

what can be done to an empty home.

To accomplish what the commercial shows, a “subscriber” will spend almost $1,800 and commit to

$59.96 per month.

If you could do one of those per week, with modest growth over the next six years, you would achieve

an accumulated value of well over $1,000,000 (actually almost 2 million) that you could sell into an

established market of willing buyers competing for your accounts.

Most importantly, you can sell your accounts without selling your company. That means that you can

fund weddings, college educations, divorces, partner splits, and retirement without actually selling your

company and without a major change in what you do now.

If this seem interesting, we will be providing details through these articles several times a week. If you

can’t wait that long, here are some links:

For the content of our one day seminar, go here: http://designafuture.com/LeftBehind/LeftBehind.html

For our website, go here: http://www.groupgerhardt.com/

To see where we will be presenting our free seminars, go here: http://designafuture.com/registration

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