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    Getting Verified

    IntegrationPros now has 2 levels of verification. Verification for Custom Installers and a separate verification for Reps and Manufacturers.

    In order to get verified, first you must have your location in your profile, then you must email some proof of professional status in our industry.

    That proof could be a pay stub (with private info blacked out)

    A company web site that lists you plus copy of drivers license.

    Web link to CEDIA certification plus copy of drivers license.

    Or any thing else that proves your in the industry.

    A business card is NOT proof of industry status.

    If you work for a Distributor or are a Manufacturer or a Manufacturers Rep, please send proof of employment at the organization you are affiliated with.

    Email to, and don't forget to include your user name.
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    Re: Getting Verified

    Effective immediately non verified members will not be allowed to post. You must be a verified manufacture or CI to post in any form. This is due to the massive increase in spam accounts in the last few months.

    For information on getting verified please PM... Gary, GregC, Matt, or 2ndRick.

    Thanks, G
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