Wolf Cinema, Seymour-Screen Excellence, Dynaudio and AudioControl Come Together for Another Spectacular CES Home Theater Demonstration

Las Vegas, NV – January 2, 2019 –
At CES 2019 Wolf Cinema, Seymour-Screen Excellence, Dynaudio and AudioControl are again joining forces to present the very latest in their wares. (Venetian Hotel Towers, Suite #29-104).

Wolf Cinema will be showing its all-new 8K home cinema projector, model TXF-3500 – which casts an astounding 8,192 x 43,20 on-screen image – and mated with their latest custom video processor, the ProScaler MK8. “This reference ensemble promises to not only raise-the-bar in imaging accuracy but will lead the way in ultra-high-definition reproduction from all available film, video and television sources,” says Wolf Cinema Sales VP Jim McGall. “Even more remarkable is that the TXF-3500 Ultra 8K ensemble is priced within the reach of many video enthusiasts.”

Seymour-Screen Excellence will be demonstrating its new Ambient-Visionaire Black 0.9 gain film screen, designed specifically to deliver the widest-possible viewing angles from the shortest projector installation distances. Presented in 16:9 at 110-inches wide, the screen will be complemented by the company’s White Bias LED Lighting Kit, which unique to the home theater market, can be tuned to compensate for most any wall color to achieve the proper 6500K color. This serves to make HDR and high-brightness viewing less fatiguing. MSRP for the screen (which will be outfitted in the company’s slim Series-1 fixed-frame) and light kit is $4,328 and $490 respectively.

In a 5.2 surround configuration, Dynaudio will demonstrate its new Evoke 50 floorstanders (MSRP $4,499 pair), Evoke 25C center (MSRP $1,199), and Evoke 10 stand-mounts as rears (MSRP $1,499 pair). The series feature Dynaudio’s latest developments, including the new Cerotar soft-dome tweeter with Hexis inner dome and proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) Esotec+ mid/woofers that incorporate trickle-down technology from the company’s Confidence and Contour series. The system will be joined by two Sub6 500-watt powered subs (MSRP $2,800 ea), which are flat to 16 Hz and blend seamlessly via intelligent DSP. All the speakers boast meticulously-crafted, elegantly finished cabinets.

Taking center stage will be the AudioControl Maestro M9 preamp/processor (MSRP $8,900) and Pantages and Savoy high-current amplifiers, delivering over 200 watts per channel throughout the system. The M9 supports Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X™, Dolby Vision HDR and incorporates Dirac Live® room correction technology. The 5-channel Pantages (MSRP $2,500) and the 7-channel Savoy (MSRP $3,000) will be the backbone of this outstanding theater demo.

AudioControl theater amplifiers incorporate a unique and highly-efficient Class H design that enable them to produce authoritative bass and effortless transients, making any movie soundtrack sparkle.

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