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    Seymour-Screen Excellence Nails it at 2019 CEDIA Expo

    0 Comments by PMuto Published on 09-09-2019 09:15 PM
    Seymour-Screen Excellence Hits a Grand Slam at 2019 CEDIA Expo and the Show Hasn't Even Started Yet!

    Ames, IA – September 10, 2019 –
    While the 2019 CEDIA Expo show floor doesn’t open until Thursday, this year’s Expo is already proving to be Seymour-Screen Excellence’s best yet! The company’s screens are featured in several award-winning CEDIA installations, its New Adjustable Ratio Theater Masking System is a CEDIA Best New Hardware Product Finalist and S-SE’s screens can be found at 6 high profile demo locations!

    CEDIA Awards!
    This year’s CEDIA Home Technology Professional Awards included two installs (Best Home Cinema Level 2 and 3) by Mark Ontiveros’ Audio Images (So. Cal) which, you guessed it, featured Seymour-Screen Excellence’s Craftsman frame outfitted with its Enlightor Neo 4K/HDR acoustically transparent screen surface. The photos can be seen here:

    Adjustable Ratio Theater is a CEDIA Best New Product Finalist
    S-SE’s new Adjustable Ratio Theater (ART), was declared a CEDIA Best New Hardware Product Award Finalist and is in the running for CEDIA Expo Daily Newspaper’s Hot Product! ART is a luxury reference-grade acoustically transparent system that at its largest inclusive of masking spans an astounding 20-feet tall and 30-feet wide with 350-inches of viewable image width and 120-inches of masking when closed down to 4:3, delivering audio/videophile performance at commercial cinema sizes.

    Seymour-Screen Excellence to be Demonstrated at 6 Locations at Expo!
    Seymour-Screen Excellence (SR-10) will feature its flagship Enlightor Neo 4K/HDR A.T. film screen mated to its Reference Fixed Frame at 160-inches wide in 2.2. aspect ratio, in combination with Patrice Congard’s 7.2.4 high impact Audio Excellence sound system, a new 4K DLP 10K lumen Wolf Cinema projector, and StormAudio’s 16-channel preamp/ processor equipped with their new 7+2 e-ARC HDMI card. Outside the sound-room S-SE will show Adjustable Ratio Theater (ART) with Chris Seymour illustrating how the different components are built on the wall.

    Seymour-Screen Excellence’s Enlightor-Neo will also grace 5 high profile theater demos:
    - Trinnov/Triad/HTE (SR-19) is using S-SE’s TAM motorized masking system, 140-in. wide in 1.78
    - Wisdom Audio (Meeting Room-401) is using S-SE’s Reference Fixed Frame, 231-in. wide in 2.37
    - Klipsch Loudspeakers (SR-4) is using S-SE’s Ref. Fixed, 166-in. wide in 2.39
    - Kaleidescape (Booth #2549) is using S-SE’s TRIM economy masking, 130-in. wide in 1.78
    - PMC (SR-9) is using S-SE’s Series-3 Fixed Frame, 106-in. wide in 1.78

    For all Seymour-Screen Excellence press inquiries contact Paul Muto at or 631.849.4301.

    About Seymour-Screen Excellence
    Founded in 2010 as a joint venture by US-based Seymour AV (Chris Seymour) and UK-based Screen Excellence (Patrice Congard), Seymour-Screen Excellence combines the leadership and innovation of their acoustically transparent projection screen materials for high-end custom installers in North America. The company’s state-of-the-art screens provide flawless picture quality and acoustic transparency, superior to traditional perforated screens or other less exacting woven screen materials. Manufacturing takes place at the company’s factory / headquarters in Ames, Iowa.
    Originally founded upon the latest in materials and design from Patrice Congard, recognized as the originator of the modern acoustically transparent screen, in recent years the venture has expanded its offerings with many innovative new solutions created by Chris Seymour. These include award-winning ambient light-rejecting film screen technologies, the channel’s first color temperature tunable white bias LED back lighting kits and single- and 4-way motorized masking systems.

    During 2017 CEDIA Expo, Seymour-Screen Excellence, in joint-demo with Audio Excellence and Wolf Cinema, was recognized by AVS Forum as Best Home Theater Demo. Follow Seymour-Screen Excellence on Twitter @SeymourScreenEx and Facebook:
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