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    Work Vans...Thoughts?

    We have 2 vans, 2000 Chevy express 2500 just clicked 200k miles and started leaking oil kind of badly, it was in to be looked at and quoted around 3500 to fix all the leaks.

    We may be thinking itís time to upgrade the van to anew one. Thoughts were so far a Mercedes metris and use it for smaller calls and program changes on jobs or just go with another full size like the Nissan nv2500 v8 low top and keep it doing what the one van it will replace is doing.

    2nd van is another express 3500 and is driven less than the other one but may start getting used more as a new guy will he starting in a week or so.

    Mechanic says they see a lot of the ford eco boost rigs come in with issues and to avoid those.

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    Re: Work Vans...Thoughts?

    The place I now work at has three vans which are a Sprinter, a Metris and a Ford Transit Connect. The Sprinter and Metris are nice vehicles. I don't drive the Sprinter so, can't tell you much but, haven't heard of any issues. The Metris is nice, a bit bigger than a Dodge Caravan with higher clearance requirements (A number of the local downtown parking garages have low clearances) so, we go with a 6'4" clearance rule for the Metris (it's taller than a Dodge Caravan). The Metris has a 2.0L Turbo and has good get up and go. The Ford Transit Connect is the smallest van that we have (It's what I mostly drive) and I have no real complaints (from a user interface I actually prefer to drive it then the Metris, but that's just me).

    A very general comment about the Ecoboost engines. Cars, Vans or pickups? Just saying. However, they do have a 3.7L V6 NA, a 3.5L Ecoboost and a 3.2L Power Stroke Diesel engine options. It just depends on what you're hauling. I personally do like the user controls in the Ford Transit Connect over the Mercedes Metris.
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